Evidence Aid

In February 2020, Evidence Aid started to collect and house a library of external resources related to the pandemic. Following the worsening of the pandemic, Evidence Aid started to gather and summarise systematic reviews of relevance - both directly and indirectly - to the pandemic. These summaries now cover more than 600 systematic reviews and are freely available and translated into 8 different languages (9 including English). We are used by WHO, PAHO and others to help their decision-making. Summaries have been written in plain language and are of relevance to an international audience from both high, low- and middle-income countries. We have made use of more than 100 volunteers and each summary is quality checked before it is made available. The evidence collection can be found at https://evidenceaid.org/evidence/coronavirus-covid-19/.

Booth Representative:
Claire Allen
E: callen@evidenceaid.org

Website: www.evidenceaid.org