Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing Unviersitas Gadjah Mada

Established on 5th March 1946, FKKMK UGM is the oldest medical faculty in Indonesia. At the age of 72 years in 2018, the vision and mission of FKKMK UGM cannot be separated from its university, which are becoming a world-class medical school, innovative and has a superior service to the nation and humanity. UGM will also become the source of ideas and solution models for humanitarian problems and social welfare. Though we are facing global pandemic, it does not hinder UGM from innovating to remain serving the community, including overcoming the pandemic. Especially in digital health initiatives, UGM starting an innovation to provide online Covid-19 risk screening and call center 24 H to provide information and general precautions related to Covid-19 and also facilitate psychological support to maintain people mental health during pandemic. UGM also provide a dashboard for donation channel. There were also other various community aid activities carried out in developing food security, for example lead both producers and consumers shifted to online due to limited physical mobility due to a pandemic.

Booth Representative:
Dr. Lutfan Lazuardi/ Annisa Ristya R
E: lutfan.lazuardi@gmail.com

Website: http://fk.ugm.ac.id/