SanteSuite Inc.

SantéSuite Inc.  (SSI) is a social benefits corporation (B Corp status pending) driven by the “quadruple bottom line” philosophy.  Our award winning founders make up one of the world’s most experienced global digital health strategy, research, development, and implementation teams. They have led national-scale digital health strategy, software development and deployments in LMICs including Jordan, Tanzania, Myanmar, Kiribati and Vietnam as well as in G7 countries including initiatives US Health and Human Services, NHS England, European Commission, Canadian Federal and Provincial government agencies.

Two key SanteSuite products which help directly address the COVID-19 pandemic are: SantéIMS Immunization Management System (IMS) is a proven, highly scalable, modern platform for managing mass immunizations at state, provincial or country scale. It provides adverse event reporting and other clinical feedback to improve vaccine development and delivery, and integrating with logistics management systems to optimize supply chain efficiency and reduce waste. It is interoperable with nearly a dozen global data exchange standards and is currently nationally deployed in East Africa in collaboration with GAVI, the Gates Foundation and WHO. This initiative has demonstrated peer reviewed documentation of transformation of care for millions of citizens, and significant improvements in supply chain efficiency, cost, reporting and monitoring.

SantéSuite’s SantéMPI Master Patient Index (MPI) is a robust national scale patient matching solution with robust privacy and security controls and probabilistic matching. It is nationally deployed in South East Asia and East Africa. SantéMPI enables linking of patient records from distributed systems into a single virtual patient record and is the cornerstone of regional health records architectures.

Both SantéIMS and SantéMPI are designed to operate in the most challenging of environments having little or no reliable network connectivity,  and can operate in disconnected mode for months at a time without any loss of functionality and synchronize seamlessly when there is network connectivity. Both solutions run on desktop, tablets and mobile phones, on Windows, Linux and Android.

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