Health Information Unit, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

Health Information Unit of the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka is the focal point for Digital Health activities in the country’s healthcare system. The state healthcare setup caters to nearly 100% of the preventive healthcare and over 90% of inward care and 50% of the outpatient care of the 22 million citizens of the country.

With the COVID-19 pandemic many initiatives were taken up by the Health Information Unit to improve data management and support the continued delivery of healthcare to citizens.

1. National COVID-19 Surveillance Platform -
A DHIS2 platform-based information system that integrates many information flows in support of the Sri Lanka’s efforts to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic.

2. eLearning Platform -
This enabled over 800 paramedical students training in Ministry of Health managed institutions to continue their studies despite the travel restrictions in the country. This helped prevent delays in completing the training of these students and absorbing them to the health system in a time of increased need for healthcare workers.

3. Telemedicine Services
This helped foster Public-Private Partnerships in providing telehealth services to the masses during the period of travel restrictions. The Ministry of Health quickly setup necessary guidelines and training for nearly 200 doctors and dental surgeons to provide video-based telehealth services. Customization of telehealth apps of two existing private operators enabled these 200 volunteer doctors to deliver telehealth services free of charge.

4. MyHealth Sri Lanka mobile app

This iOS and Android app enabled the quick dissemination of health advice, statistics on country’s COVID-19 status and act as a portal to access the free tele-health services.


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