World Health Organization

The World Health Organization's Department of Digital Health and Innovation sits within the Science Division, led by Chief Scientist. The overall mission of the Science Division is to harness the power of science and innovation in a systematic way, by ensuring the excellence, relevance and efficiency of WHO's core technical functions, including norms and standards and research. Within the Division, the specific purpose of DHI is to harness the power of digital health and technologies to contribute to the attainment of the highest standard of health of all people.

The mandate of the department is structured around four functions:

  1. To enhance WHO's global leadership and role in assessing and enabling digital health technologies, and support countries to make decisions about how to prioritize, integrate, implement and regulate them.
  2. To support development of methods for assessment of digital technologies, at global and national level.
  3. To identify, foster and scale up evidence-based innovations, to address gaps in UHC, health emergencies and healthier populations.
  4. To identify and foster internal and external collaboration through networks and partnerships to help identify and address gaps and avenues for digital health solutions.

Booth Representatives:
Tigest Tamrat